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   Getting Gassed

BRC Gas n GoFor those that attend the Annual Burning Man Festival near Gerlach , Nevada, a primary concern has always been the availability of gasoline. With the number of attendees in 2011 expected to top 55,000, there is the potential for needing upwards of 250,000 gallons of fuel. BRC Gas n Go is ready to meet the challenge.

As the closing of the USG Operations Plant in Empire comes to fruition, the company town will go dark and along with it one of two re-fueling stations within an 80 mile area. This scenario has the Burning Man Organizers and the citizens of Black Rock City wondering where will the Get Gassed. BRC Gas N Go comes to the rescue.

"Construction on the mammoth structure to house the 100 pumps will start 04/01/11 and will be finished in time for the Golden Spike ceremony", says ScottoBobScotto, BRC Gas n Go, CEO. "After the Burning Man event, residents from surrounding areas will be able to use the facility, providing 342 temporary jobs during construction and 22 year-round positions", continues ScottoBobScotto.

In addition to the refueling stations, BRC Gas n Go will have a fully stocked Convenient-Mart, open 24/7, for your last minute needs once you are inside the gates of Black Rock City.  The normal $20 exit & reentry fee to the festival has been waved, all you need to get passed the gate will be your Burning Man Ticket.  Please DO NOT FORGET your Burning Man Ticket, those attempting to Get Gassed or use the convenient mart without their Burning Man Ticket will be subject to D-Lot banishment for the remainder of the festival.

Pre-Order your fuel at a fixed price of $4.20/Gallon; This price is guaranteed to never go down. You also get VIP treatment with special dedicated lanes and a 12% discount on your non gas purchases.

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