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Getting Gasses while attending the Annual Burning Man Festival near Gerlach, NV. has never been more important with the announced closing of the USG Operations Plant in the nearby town of Empire. The Empire General Store and it's Gas Pumps have been a necessity for those attending the festival.  The idea of Getting Caught On E and not having another gas station for 40 miles towards I-80 has Black Rock City citizens in a panic.

The Burning Man Organization has issued a statement in response to this crisis, but are unsure what they can do to assist with only five months till this years event, planned to start on August 29.  The annual festival feeds millions of dollars into the Northern Nevada economy each year with 60,000 attendees, with a common denominator; they all need gasoline. 

With the town of Empire about to close down, it's full-time residents packing up and heading for other work opportunities; the owners of it's only gas station just do not see how they can remain open.  "We are very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause all those that create, manage and attend the Burning Man Festival,  we wish the circumstances were different", says an Empire resident.

With the potential fuel shortfall facing the Burning Man Festival, BRC Gas n Go is there to fill the need.  Conveniently located on Gate Road, Getting Gassed will never be easier.  With 100 available pumps you are assured of a quick fill up.

With tensions in the Middle East creating uncertainty in the price of gasoline come festival time, you can Pre-Order your fuel at a fixed price of $4.20/Gallon; This price is guaranteed to never go down. You also get VIP treatment with special dedicated lanes and a 12% discount on your non gas purchases.

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